JOIN US FOR MINDFUL RETREATS! Mindful Eco-tourism provides a unique way to experience the Nature with complete awareness. Through our retreats we offer you a chance to feel the peace of the Himalayas and other magical lands and carry it with you. Mindfulness is the process of remaining fully in the present moment, being fully alive in all the senses and experiencing our innate compassion and inner freedom. Come join us and Discover Yourself .

80% OF ALL PROFITS GO TO HELPING HIMALAYAN EDUCATION. Simply Himalaya came into being from the desire to provide relevant, fearless and mindful learning for the innocent children of the rural Himalayas. Through this initiative, we want to preserve the culture of the Garhwali Himalayas and share the struggles and challenges of being a mountain person. The support generated through the sustainable mindful tourism program goes towards supporting APV School and the livelihoods associated with it.

Learn about the culture and diversity of the rural Himalayas and the life of a mountain person. Through our immersion programs you will have the opportunity to witness the challenges and joys of those wanting to preserve the epic beauty of our mountains. Homestays provide an intensive way to live and work alongside local Garhwalis as they farm the land and take care of their animals.